CD | Promises Will Get You Nowhere (2013)

CD | Promises Will Get You Nowhere (2013)

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Arts Martial - Promises Will Get You Nowhere (2013)

With the band’s razor sharp hooks, and the producer’s unparalleled skill for audio fidelity; the meeting of WA band Arts Martial and Melbourne-based producer Tom Larkin (Calling All Cars, Strangers, King Cannons) was always destined for great things. Unfolding as an amazing meld of unconventional melodies and lyrics, Promises Will Get You Nowhere is the grand realisation of this artistic partnership, and a debut album truly definitive of its creators.

CD Tracklisting:

1. Running
2. Operate
3. Rule The World
4. Supernational
5. Brew Like Bitter
6. Solution Of The Year
7. Dreams
8. Make It My Own
9. Take Surrender
10. Outer Space
11. Shotgun